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Highlander vol.2

(continued from vol.1)

It looks like just an ordinary lake… but, and it’s a big but, this lake well-maybe the most exploited lake in the world. Impressive.

After about an hour of flight, we arrived at Inverness Airport. The first thing I did after collecting the check-in baggage was taking out A-bikes from bags to check their condition and pump-up the tyres. There wasn’t anything I should be worried about. After all, easyJet did everything right, and precious A-bikes were in good shape.

Ah, pumping six A-bike tyres was quite a tough work, I tell you. I have done weekly ‘refill’ pumping many times for mine and my girlfriend’s A-bike and it’s fine. but six at a time and pumping all of them from 0psi to 90psi by hand… it’s not. Then I was also struggling a bit with the tyre’s bulb coordination. — probably I looked so pathetic — a kind passer-by cyclist offered me his air pump!
(of course there was nothing wrong with my A-bike shock-pump, so I didn’t take his though.)

“The monster of Loch Ness” a.k.a. “Nessie” was the main interest of our trip, so we had to skip sight seeing at Inverness and just took a cab from airport to Drumnadrochit, where accommodates all the goodness of the Nessie business. It took about 40minutes to get the village, and we had a great time in the cab, ‘cos our friendly cab driver, Bob, used to drive Loch Ness sight-seeing bus for many years, so he told us all the history about Inverness, the Loch, the monster, and everything else around there. Our hotel was about 3miles past the center of the village, so Bob told us “so, this is how far you have to walk.” He was really amazed when we revealed we got three bicycles in his car-boot!!

A-bike trio at Drumnadrochit.

After leaving our luggage at the hotel, we took out our A-bikes and were about to ride off to the village. Then, it started to rain!! but since it wasn’t heavy rain, amd we carried the bikes all the way from London, we decided to give a go. It took about 25minutes and by the time we get to the village, all of us (including my girlfriend who was reluctant about the idea at first) were glad we had A-bikes with us.

My new (but secondhand) gears from eBay — Shimano Gore Tex SH-MT90 and Crank brothers Egg-beater S pedals on test.

I had just installed Crank brothers Egg-beater Stainless clipless pedals to my A-bike and also Shimano SH-MT90 shoes for myself on the day before. They perform very well in the wet weather condition. My feet never slipped off the pedal and stayed dry. (Detailed review will posted some other day.)

(Left) This tiny shed held the largest number of A-bikes in Drumnadrochit on that day. (Right) In search of the monster.

While we took a Loch Ness monster hunt cruise, our A-bikes couldn’t be on board. A shop lady told us A-bikes cannot be stolen around there, ‘cos the bike is too unusual, but we demanded some extra security, then A-bikes ended up in a tiny shed behind the shop. The cruise boat equipped with gadget for searching the nessie didn’t have any other guests besides us, thanks to the bad weather, but as soon as we got on board, the rain stopped and we could enjoy the cruise on outside deck. I felt even only the view of the loch from the boat was really worthwhile — there were many rainbows over the loch and it was beautiful.

(Left) A-bikes back in action. (Right) The center of Drumnadrochit.

We spent rest of the day exploring Drumnadrochit with A-bikes and leaving all the museum sort of atruction for the next day. Thanks to the longer daytime in highland, when we headed back to the hotel around 21:00, it was still pretty bright to ride back without any lights. The center of the village isn’t a big place at all, but riding A-bikes there made our move very swift and saved a lot of time and effort.

(Left) The one and only post office/corner shop in the village.
(Right) “Hey! isn’t she floating too much?” “Yeah, that one must be an impostor.”

My sister doesn’t like my modified A-bike. Well, It maynot be a cutie any longer as she said, but it still fits into a wardrobe in just the same way as her normal A-bike.

To Be Continued…

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