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Making impossible possible.

As some of you already noticed, Sinclair A-bike’s seatpost clamp screw is one of the most troublesome screws of all. The clamp is a quick release all right, but it isn’t a quick adjuster by any means — —- In order to gain access to the screw, we need to unscrew another screw! If we want to tighten or loosen the seatpost clamp on the street… this is… complicated. Some solutions were posted here in A-bike Central Forum in last year. Now, here comes another method.

Bikehut ‘Ball ended hex key set’ £9.99 from Halfords. This Hex key (a.k.a. Allen key) set canbe gripped as the photo below, clever.

But No, that’s not the point. What really clever about this tool is its ‘ball ended’ part.

This allows us to turn the anoying screw from angle position without removing the other screw!!!

This ‘ball-ended hex key’ is not a rare tool, so you should be able to find it in decent tool ( or Automobile tool) retailer near you and of course also on the web. When you use this tool to adjust the seatpost clamp, please note the following points.

1. Use 3mm hex key.
2. You turn the screw by ‘swinging the hex key’, and not by ‘rotating hex key’s axis’
3. Adjust the screw with the quick release lever ‘loosen (opened)’.

The price and the quality of this tool vary, so make your choice as you please. For example, Halfords also offers similar ball-ended hex key set in their superior professional range (car-tool section) and it costs £19.99. Then somewhere like Maplin sells ball-ended 7-Piece Allen Key Set for just £2.99!!

You can also refer this topic on tools for A-bike maintenance.

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