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Highlander. vol.1

It looks pretty packed, but still has space for another A-bike. Serious.

I, my girlfriend and my sister, three of us visited a particular part of scottland last weekend (12, 13th May 2007) and guess what. We brought our A-bikes with us! Have you ever seen two bikes in a suitcase? Here is one. Look at the pic above!

My samsonite suitcase is virtually indestructible, but heavy, so even though it could take another A-bike, the weight restriction doesn’t allow me to do so. My sister’s A-bike was fit into not-so-reliable A-bike bag with alot of cushions and towels.

Ah, I deflated all the tyres before pack them in as talked at A-bike Central Forum. (this topic here)

At the airport, my suitcase was checked in as usual baggage, however, my sister’s A-bike bag had to go to “outsize baggage” channel. A-bike isn’t big at all, but the desk also takes fragile stuff, so I guess this is the way to go for A-bike when we flight with it. Since I had two different kinds of packaging, this trip incidentally became a sort of testing field for transporting A-bike.-)

Outsize Baggage check-in desk at London Luton Airport.

Cheap flight. Can they handle A-bike with care?

We took an easyjet flight — renowned for its minimal fare and minimal service, but so far, we had no trouble with them on checking-in A-bikes. To be frank, I was a bit worried about the bikes until I saw them again on the other side though. haha.

So where was I heading to? It was to Invarness Airport, Scottland.

Hey, is that….

To Be Continued….

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