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A-bike goes Georgian.

Gentleman “Hm, I’m certain my stable has a space for this little one.”
Lady “(Oh, dear… What have you brought, people from the future!!)”

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On 18th May, I was near Spitalfields Market to give a hand with my friend’s photoshooting.

The location was at “Dennis Severs’ House” London E1 6BX. The house is no ordinary house. Inside of it is completely in the style of the early 18th century. When I write ‘completely’, I mean it. From the condition of the house itself to the mess made on the dinner table, everthing is so real, so you would even feel it quite uncanny being there.

The house is really like a time capsule.

-click the image to enlarge-

The place does not have any living person wearing a period costume to go with it, but this time my friend hired some actors and actresses for the shoot. It’s ovbious, but mind you just in case, it wasn’t a photoshoot for A-bike! Okay? The 1st photo is just a fun shot I managed to take for this blog.

It’s a pity I literally had 20secs for the A-bike shot. I wanted to have more fun!! (*translation: I wanted to take the shot properly!!!)

Anyway, the serious photographs, which my friend (Wai Lau from Hong Kong) took on the day, will be shown at my old turf, Goldsmiths Colledge, University of London, BA Fine Art Degree Show in this June, so go there and have a look at her work. Who knows, you might be able to find an A-bike on the background!!

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