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Alone in the Dark.

Prams. There were countless of them tried to fool me at Trafalgar SQ. They may look like A-bikes, but I knew they aren’t!! You know, they got way many wheels than A-bike.

Actually, it’s not dark at all and no ‘horror’ involved here — just some horrible double-deckers. But I was alone for real though.

On 2nd June, I went out to see some art in London in the morning and unexpectedly had a good time with it (especially, Antony Gormley at The Hayward Galley and Joachim Schmid at The Photographers’ Gallery).

Then, for the afternoon, I was at Trafalgar Square to do a small scale try-out for coming London A-bike meeting. It would be nice to have some other A-bikers to join me, but nobody turned up for this time. However, the try-out gave me some ideas, like where the meeting point better be and which route we should take to get Hyde Park from the Square, sort of stuff.

(Left) A-bike meets Gormley. (Right) Orderly chaos at Trafalgar Sq.

It was a nice sunny day, and I enjoyed riding A-bike to do the test-run. I enjoyed it so much, I rode ‘the Sq. to the Park and in the park then back to Sq’ for three laps for over two hours!! Three different routes were tested; One was via Charing Cross Rd.-Oxford St.-Marble Arch, then the other was via Buckingham Palace, and the last one was via Piccadilly.

The first two were either too many double-deckers blocking the way or with rather rough road surface (a.k.a. a ticket to hell for those A-bikers with A-bike original saddle). So, the Piccadilly route would me my choice — wide spacious path, smooth road surface, and reasonable traffic. I could keep riding at really good speed in comfort through out there.

I never thought the sculptures at the Sq. could be this cool.

(Left) A nice day at Sq. and one of the impostors on the mid-background.
(Right) This may not be the way to go…

Thanks to Egg beater pedals and my new little screw modification, high speed pedaling is now possible with my A-bike. (Although the mod isn’t completed yet. Pls. read this topic in the forum.)

Speeding is quite fun, but we need to be carefull. There was a moment I thought I was a goner during the test-run.

When I passed near Wellington Arch, Suddenly I heard big BANG!! then loud car break sound followed.

It was the car behind me dropped its entire tail lump cover and a black cab right behind it crushed to the unit and nothing to do with me and my A-bike. However the sound shocked me a bit and I lost a bit of control for the moment the bang happened. Luckily I didn’t get crushed into nearby pavement!!!

London A-bike meeting is planed in this topic in the forum. The detail is not set yet, so please feel free to give us suggestions and participate the event!!

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