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Setting Thudbuster LT

(Left) Thudbuster LT. (Right) Masking tape.

I have been experiencing a bit of dull pain in my waist and I suspected it was something to do with A-bike… or I’d better say Cane Creek Thudbuster LT. I shall write a detailed review on this suspension seatpost for A-bike some another time, but anyway, I decided to change its setting.

By changing its two elastomer, Thudbuster LT sets its softness etc. and the instruction manual suggests Blue/Gray combination for my weight (about 67kg + luggage). However it seemed the setting was too soft, and it failed to support steady riding position and gave me the pain. I think that A-bike’s nature of hasty pedaling didn’t go well with the default setting of Thudbuster.

A few days ago I changed my Thudbuster’s hardness to two grade up (Blue/Black) and applied about 40kg of preload. I only managed to ride less than an hour in total since then, but I already can tell the difference!!
There might be a better setting to suit me, but it is certainly much better than my previous setting!! The modest hardness of the suspension keeps me in right riding position especially in hardpedaling situation (e.g. riding up hill), which the softer setting just gave me unwanted bounce everytime I pedal.

P.S. (refer here) I fear the screw to go missing again (even with threadlock) too much, so I put some blue masking tape over it (usually blue masking tape has more sticking power than white one). I know it’s tacky, but I like it and the blue color matchs with Thudbuster’s elastomer. hahaha.

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