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Sinclair Electric A-Bike 5th July 2015
A-Bike Electric is coming to Kickstarter

The long awaited A-Bike Electric will be available for pre-order soon. It's the same award winning design but is now powered with a 24V battery that keeps you going up to 25km. Weighing just 12 kg it'll be the world's lightest, most compact and most affordable electric bike. To be the first to know when it's on Kickstarter sign up to the mailing list. You can see the latest videos and images by following on Facebook and Twitter. If you're in London email richard@a-bike.co.uk if you'd like to be amongst the first to try out the new A-Bike Electric. Join the discussion here.

Sinclair Electric A-Bike 6th November 2010
Official Electric A-Bike Announced - Sinclair AE-Bike

Sinclair Research has finally announced the release of the official electric version of the A-Bike, known as AE-Bike. We are very excited about this product which features an ultra-lightweight 190watt motor and advanced lithium polymer battery, giving a range of 32km for a cost of just 5 pence of electricity! The weight is an incredibly low 6.3kg although the price and release date are unknown. Further information is on the Sinclair Research website, and please contribute to the discussion here.

Sinclair X-1 5th November 2010
Sinclair X-1 Electric Bicycle/Velomobile

Sir Clive Sinclair has announced his latest product, the X-1 electric-assisted bicycle which features an egg-shaped low-weight acrylic enclosed body and a roll bar to protect the rider, and the usual incredibly low Sinclair price. The design reminds us of the famous Sinclair C5. Deliveries are expected next summer and it can be reserved now. Further information and discussion in the forum.

Sinclair A-Bike City 16th August 2010
A-Bike 3 / A-Bike City with 8 inch Wheels

The Sinclair A-Bike 3 with 8 inch wheels has been officially announced with availability later this month!

For further details inculding launch date and price, see the announcement here, A-bike 3 has 8 inch wheels. UPDATE: This is now known as the A-Bike City.

Sinclair A-BIke Mk II 12th April 2008
A-Bike Plus / A-Bike 2

The Sinclair A-Bike Mk-II is now officially known as the A-Bike Plus. New features include strengthened aluminium tubing, a new air-sprung cushioned saddle, and a smoother drive mechanism.

For further details see the blog entry here, A-bike Mk-II? No, it’s A-bike Plus!!, and the forum discussion about it here, Some news about A-bike mark II.

electric A-Bike 21st February 2008
Electric A-BIke

A few enterprising members of the ABikeCentral forum have actually upgraded their A-Bikes to be electric powered!

Full details including DIY instructions, photos and videos can be seen here, DIY Electric A-bike upgrade kit!.

forum for folding bicycles 1st January 2008
New Folding Bike Site Launched

Today sees the launch of an exciting new website, FoldingForum.com. It follows the successful format of ABikeCentral.com, and covers all folding & micro bicycles. It also features an upgraded forum using the latest bulletin board technology.

sinclair a-bike abike 22nd March 2007
A-Bike Central Blog Launched

We are pleased to announce the next major development for A-Bike Central. From now on we will have regularly updated news from around the world covering Sinclair A-Bike, other micro-folding bikes, and related environmental technologies, as well as personal reports and humour from A-Bike owners in different countries. Visit the A-Bike Central Blog Blog now!

strida folding bicycle 26th September 2006
Queen's Nephew Using Strida

This article by The Mirror reports that Viscount Linley is using a Strida bicycle to take his daughter to school, but he has been critised because the Strida is not designed to carry two people. A spokesperson for Strida is reported as saying, “The shelf is to carry a light raincoat, not a child. Viscount Linley is taking an incredible risk.“ We strongly advise against anyone trying this with an A-Bike!

abike central and ebay 17th September 2006
A-Bike Central Teams up with eBay

A-Bike Central announces a partnership with eBay. In order to help you find A-Bikes for sale more easily, we are now showing current eBay listings on the Buy A-Bike Now page. In addition you can find classic collectors vehicles such as the Sinclair C5 on our Sinclair History page. Bookmark these pages and keep an eye on them, you could pick up a great bargain!

locust concept folding bicycle 13th September 2006
Locust Concept Bicycle Folds into a Wheel

This was recently spotted by a few readers. Yanko Design are showcasing a concept design by Josef Cadek for a bicycle with a circular frame, where both wheels, and the handle bars fold inside it, resulting in a folded bike the size of one wheel! In order to achieve this, the designer states that, “Common chain system is replaced by belt system with outer toothing. Belt is mounted on two rollers. Both chainwheel and pinion have outer toothing as well.”

japanese a-bike mod 12th September 2006
Japanese A-Bike Modding

According to some posts in the forum, the A-Bike seems to be popular in Japan. A-Bike Central member, leonarhodo, has provided a nice photograph of his modded A-Bike with a full-size replacement saddle and Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost. Let's see more readers mods, especially if anyone can improve an A-Bike without increasing the weight!

sinclair a-bike off-road 6th September 2006
Man Rides 30km on an A-Bike (including some off-road!)

John from York, who regularly commutes the 2km to work on his Sinclair A-Bike, was challenged by his wife to do a 30km ride. Even worse, the journey even included off-road sections! On his blog, John writes, “Well, I completed the 30Km ride without any problems (well, maybe a slightly sore backside)! I certainly used more energy than I would have if I had ridden a large-wheeled bike, but I did manage to keep up with my wife.”

4th September 2006 - A-Bike Central is launched!
Welcome to the community site designed especially for fans of the new A-Bike by Sir Clive Sinclair. Have a look around and then post your views in the forum.


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