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A-bike Mk-II? No, it’s A-bike Plus!!

Just in case you are one of those rare species who don’t read our fantastic forum, here is a news. Go here and read it!! You can get all the information currently available from official A-bike store about forthcoming A-bike Plus (a.k.a. A-bike Mk-II).


The new version has…
1. A newly strengthen leyshaft.

2. An improved freewheel assembly.

3. Strengthen alminium tubing.

4. A new air-sprung cushioned saddle.

5. A smoother drive mechanism.

6. An improved sports carry bag.

While the reason why A-bike team decided to change the version name for the new one from Mk-II to Plus is unknown, I could say the Plus is definitely a plus to A-bike market.

Release date isn’t announced just yet, but ‘later this spring’ according to the official website. There is still a possibility of more improvement will be revealed before deployment. Oh, this suspense is killing me!!

tower bridge

Tower Bridge will be also getting a new finish. The construction will commence this summer.

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