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A-Bike programme on TV tonight!

badger.jpgWow, that was interesting! One of those incredibly serendipitous events. Firstly I rarely watch television at all, and secondly it was an obscure television programme on an obscure channel, neither of which I’d heard of before!

I was in the kitchen and just happened to turn the television on. As usual there was nothing interesting so I decided to flip through a few channels on this new digital TV box, and suddenly found myself looking at an A-Bike Smile The programme turned out not to be about A-Bike itself, but was in fact far more interesting than that.

The programme was called “Badger or Bust” and it was on Sky Three (Sky 3) at 8pm-9pm. I was very lucky, I only missed about the first 10 minutes.

Basically, it’s one of those increasingly common reality TV programmes. This one seems to be about a management consultant (or just sales consultant?) named Ruth Badger, and her attempts to save failing companies. In this episode she was at Mayhem UK, distributors of the A-Bike.

The programme was set in November/December 2006 with the company in a very precarious state. At the start they’d apprantly only sold a few hundred A-Bikes in total since the launch and were deeply in debt! This was described as due to a dithering boss and a clueless sales team. I wouldn’t like to comment myself on that description except to say that they were very friendly and helpful when I visited them.

Ruth Badger managed to instill some changes and motivate the sales, so that they met their target of 5000 bikes by Christmas, and they got into several new shops including Hamleys and obtained a distributor in Eastern Europe. They met their deadlines for bank repayments and the company was saved. I’m sure that’s a slightly simplified version of the story for TV, but I really enjoyed it and even learned a few things about sales that I will try to implement in my own companies. I’ll even try to watch the programme again next week Smile

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any past episodes on YouTube, which means it’s unlikely we’ll find this one uploaded, but if anyone else saw it, please let us have your impressions. There’s a topic about it in the forum.
Here’s a couple of links I found about the programme:

It looks like the programme might be repeated tonight on Sky 1 at 11:25pm, although I think that’s subscription only. A-Bike fans please watch out for it!

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