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A-bike in the Park. vol.1

Taking part in this A-bike Central blog encourages me to document my A-bike life, then I realised it’s very hard to summarize a day event of A-bike… so much happenings in one day!! Yeah, last Sunday was another long day for me and my A-bike.

Anyway, in the morning, I arranged a meeting with my sister at Speaker’s corner in Hyde Park. According to Journey planner at transport for London website, my flat to Speaker’s corner (Marble Arch) takes 40 mins by conventional bicycle. This means about an hour and 20 mins by A-bike.

Since I had to go through an unfamiliar route, I gave 2 hours for myself to get there.

In the end, it took only an hour (not too bad, eh?), so I detoured around London. The first stop was Big Ben and House of Common.

(Good news. From now on, some images can be enlarged by clicking them)

London A-bike transportWESTMINSTER / BIG BEN

A bit of the eye, the cab, the clock and the bike — All the goodness of London in one picture. (Don’t mention the bus. It’s evil.) Oops. I kept my light on the handlebar.

I was sitting in the square island in front of Big Ben along with the famous squatters for couple of minutes to take the photo, and some motorists stopped by and asked me… you know what. A-bike seemed to be more eye-catching than Big Ben for some people there.

London A-bike transportBUCKINGHAM PALACE

To be honest, I don’t visit this place really… unless ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts) hosting some good shows. I have no idea whether having no car around the palace is usual on Sunday or not, but it was pretty relaxing to ride without a fear of traffic.

London A-bike transportHYDE PARK CORNER (WELLINGTON ARCH) and
London A-bike transportMARBLE ARCH (SPEAKER’S CORNER)

From the palace to Hyde Park via Wellington Arch was easy. I heard some passer-by giggling about my A-bike though.-)

Even I spent a lot of time riding slowly and wondering around, I was still early, so I let my A-bike (not myself) to listen to some speech there till my sister showed up.

To Be Continued….

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