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Self maintenance tips : Noise Reduction

1. In your riding time without any adjustment of the brake cable, if you hear a metallic scratch sound from a wheel then adjust its brake band. In this photo, grip the red circle and bend it outside(not too much!!). This is not a serious(or open occured) problem. Because the friction(between the brake band and the brake drum) starts from the blue circle, the band would be automatically arranged following the drum as riding & braking.

2. If you hear a pulse(or bit) sound(tuck tuck tuck…), tighten the nozzle cap of the rear wheel. These in-line photos show the reason. (You can here the pulse sound, here)

※ If you have a problem on your lovely A-bike then read this article in A-bike Central forum first. You will notice a fact that these A-bikers are too active in answering when you ask a question on the forum.

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