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Archive for April, 2007

Another A-bike retail opportunity!

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

While searching for something to spend my Nectar points on, I came across this link for an A-bike on the Nectar web site.

I notice that it kindly includes the pump for 51,500 points. Depending on how you collect your points (for example 2 points per £1 spent, or 1 point per litre of fuel) it’s still an expensive way to acquire an A-bike but it’s good to see the exposure for our beloved contraption!

A-bike worldwide price comparison

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Home Country




United Kingdom

Mayhem UK




Gil-Trading, BJC




Fab Concepts




Noble Hall








Nigel Sports



– Notice, every price doesn’t include the Great SHOCK PUMP !!
– Korea : the BJC is like the Selfridges in UK.
– Hong Kong : accept the price in HK.
– Japan : the distributor says “Before Tax !!”.
– China : couldn’t find a price information on their site so accept Amuro’s mention on our forum.

Thoughts on riding the A-bike

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Before today, there have been just two situations where I have ridden my A-bike:

  1. Alongside my three year-old daughter as she rides her pink electric tricycle to the park (the same trike that was the inspiration for me getting my Sinclair C5!). Her tricycle is VERY slow, so it is excellent slow-speed practice for me!
  2. Riding quarter of a mile or so into Sale town centre to post letters or pick up some milk etc.

Today though, my wife (Ruth) took Lucy (said three year-old) on the back of her bicycle while I was on the A-bike. When I am on my mountain bike (or even the C5!), I spend a lot of time free-wheeling because Ruth struggles with Lucy’s weight on the back of her bike. Today though, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I could still stay behind her quite comfortably while riding the A-bike.

On the way back from Tesco, I was leading and I heard her say to Lucy, “Right, let’s zoom past Daddy!”

Red rag to a bull.

I pedalled as quickly as I could. I had to lean over the handlebars so much to stop the front wheel coming up that it reminded me of being on my CBR600RR!

I’m not sure what made the handling so twitchy at that speed though. It could have been:

  1. Lucy shouting, “Look at my Daddy go!”
  2. Ruth laughing hysterically and shouting, “Do you realise how ridiculous you look?!”
  3. The pedals going round so quickly that my feet were flying off them
  4. or the steering being so sensitive that I was all over the place!

I’m glad it was a relatively quiet road, but having said all that, it was great fun!

I just wish I’d been wearing my Garmin Forerunner GPS watch so that I’d known how quickly I was going :-)

Great picture from the Inventor

Monday, April 9th, 2007

Self maintenance tips : Noise Reduction

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

1. In your riding time without any adjustment of the brake cable, if you hear a metallic scratch sound from a wheel then adjust its brake band. In this photo, grip the red circle and bend it outside(not too much!!). This is not a serious(or open occured) problem. Because the friction(between the brake band and the brake drum) starts from the blue circle, the band would be automatically arranged following the drum as riding & braking.

2. If you hear a pulse(or bit) sound(tuck tuck tuck…), tighten the nozzle cap of the rear wheel. These in-line photos show the reason. (You can here the pulse sound, here)

※ If you have a problem on your lovely A-bike then read this article in A-bike Central forum first. You will notice a fact that these A-bikers are too active in answering when you ask a question on the forum.

Registering A-bike in Community

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

In AbikeCafe(KR), if a registered member buys A-bike then he uploads a photo of his A-bike including its serial number in his own style. A member Hyun-Hak(ID: HaGi) uploaded this photo.(His photoshop skill seems good.)

A-bike Puzzle

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

Here are two A-bike puzzle games. One is easy but the other is crazy. Through these games, you can become wise as much as a girl.

Execution files are attached. (No virus, trust me..^^)

Step 1, Step 2