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Korean Ex-President, Mr. Noganzi

Did you see or can you imagine your old and authoritative President on a bicycle?  Here is Mr. Noganzi, an Ex-President of Korea. He retired just 2 months ago.

(Korean Ex-President, ‘Moohyun No’ on an electric bike)

In Korean modern history, most Presidents strongly insisted on their power. But many peoples could blame President in his term because he exceptionally permitted the impolite things. Now the other Ex-Presidents can’t appear among peoples without bodyguards. How opposed!! Mr. Noganzi can enjoy cycling with two granddaugnters!!

(Returned to old cowboy bring two granddaughters on bicycle-trailer.)

Frankly, Mr. Noganzi can’t go out freely like the others. Everyday, there are thousands – 10 times on weekend – peoples who are shouting in front of his house, “Noganzi !!  We are waiting for you all day long. Please show you and take a picture together !!”

I can tell you surely, “If your President rides a bicycle after his term, he was honest and he never made a crime in his term.”

※ His real name is Moohyun No. / ‘ganzi’ means ‘exciting’, ‘attractive’ and ‘precious’. Suitable for the most famous actor.

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