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London A-bike Meeting. 28th July!!

Attention everyone! We will have the first A-bike meeting in London with Sir Clive Sinclair!!

Date: Sat. 28th July
Time: 12:00 (Noon)

*I need to know how many of you will come in order to prepare food for the picnic, so please let me know your intention of attendance via PM or This topic. Don’t be shy.

Meet in front of the National Gallery @ Trafalger Square.(see pic.)
then we do A-bike Rally in Central London for an hour or so.

Picnic with A-bike inventor Sir Clive Sinclair and the chief designer Mr. Alexander Kalogroulis in a royal park.
(Wine and refreshments will be provided by Mayhem UK, but it would be nice if you could bring food along. It’s a picnic! )

meeting point

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