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A-bike in the Park. vol.3

(continued from vol.2)

(Left) A-bike’s tiny figure is difficult to photograph…
(Right) …but the tininess is its biggest strength.

I and my sis rode for about an hour, then exit the park in search of our lunch around Kensington Road area. A French cafe on Thackeray Street served us right (see pic).

On the way back to Kensington Gardens for some more cycling, we were rolling A-bikes to pass a restaurant on a small ally. It had to be the second time we went by them, a group of ladies at the outside seating of the restaurant caught us.

“Say, Could you tell me what that thing is?”
“What? bicycle? then how does it work? ‘cos you seem only rolling it.”

Oh, this was a good one. They didn’t think A-bike was actually a functional bicycle!!

We had a nice conversation with them. I showed how to fold/unfold A-bike and one of the ladies even tried riding on my sister’s A-bike! (see pic below.)

The lady’s impression of A-bike from the test-ride was “feels bumpy and not suitable for a long ride”. She wasn’t wrong, but I had to tell her I already rode more than 10 miles (16km) on that day with my modified A-bike. She certainly seemed to be surprised by the potential of Sinclair A-bike.

London A-bike transportGREEN PARK

After a bit of cycling through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, we came out to Hyde Park Corner, then we decided to walk up Piccadilly towards Piccadilly Circus. Unexpectedly, somethng crazy was going on the route we chose. We had no idea, but we just saw a huge number of people gathering all along Piccadilly (this is a name of a big road)!!

When we got near Green Park Station, we finally figure out what all these crowd were waiting for — noisy cars.

It was Cannonball Run in London. Right, so it’s a street race. Can they really race in London’s traffic? nah… too many double-deckers blocking the way. forget it.

Having said that, it was really entertaining to see lots of heavily modified motorcars, and I know the public absolutely loved it, because it was only after the show’s over, people started asking about A-bike. haha

Photo oppotunity — the whole point of this cannonball run in London.

A-bike: “One day, I shall challenge you…”
Car: “Yeah right, whatever.”

I could only rode A-bike about 13miles or so on that day. I wanted to go more, but my A-bike experienced a hardware problem (*it’s my fault, not manufacturer’s), so I had to take a bus back to my flat… Thanks to traffic jam, it took much longer than A-bike!!

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