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A-bike was safe. The other wasn’t…


Until a few days ago, the communal staircase of my shared house was filled up with a lot of bicycles — at least 4 of them.
There wasn’t any space left for another, so this became one of the reasons I chose A-bike.

Today, I see only one neglected vintage bike sitting there.

Where are other bikes gone?

A piece of paper on the wall answers to the question.

“Hi, someone helped themselves to my bike last night!!
Did anyone hear or see anything?!”

Sadly, it’s a common story in London — a stranger comes into a house and nick things — but this is still quite disturbing.
I hope the stolen bike and the thief to be found…-)

I’m just glad I have A-bike and it enables me to keep the bike in my tiny flat without any fuss.

Now the staircase has free parking space, but I guess I’ll stick to A-bike.

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