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A-bike, Marathon, and Curry.

Tower Bridge
My A-bike loved London Marathon.

London A-bike transportTOWER HILL / TOWER BRIDGE

My work for London Marathon for last couple of days gave me a good excuse to ride my A-bike all over London. I didn’t really have free time to appreciate the view, but I certainly did enjoy riding my bike a lot under nice sunny weather.-)

22nd April was the day for the race and whole London went crazy… after all, London marathon is the biggest race in the world — 40,000 runners, 500,000 spectators! Even you are not London residence, it’s not too difficult to imagine that both pavement and main road packed under such occasion. I can guarantee you. it was, really.

Once again, A-bike came handy. I could just choose to take the street runs parallel to the main road without any time loss, and when I had to passed among the crowd, rolling half-folded A-bike served well.

A-bike Marathon
This is only a part of the half a million.

Probably many people find benefit of small wheel bicycle in the day like this, so I saw many folding bikes.
I failed to find another A-bike though… it’s still a minority!! Argh!!

London A-bike transportALDGATE EAST

In the evening of the marathon day, me and my friends felt eating Vietnamese at Old St. but went for curry at Brick Lane instead, thanks to London’s slow traffic recovery.

My A-bike got a lot of attention from the marathon crowd as expected, but who could have guessed what happened to my A-bike at the London’s curry heaven.

A-bike curry
Today’s hero.

As some of you may know, Brick Lane has a big Sylheti Bangladeshi community, and people there is quite friendly to others. When I was unfolding my A-bike to enter a curry restaurant, a gentleman asked me about Sinclair A-bike, so I started to explain to him. Then he began calling people around there! Within a second, me and my A-bike were surrounded by passersby and barkers from restaurants nearby.Some of them (including the gentleman) were very keen to find out about A-bike and asked me to write down the URL of Mayhem UK Ltd and Selfridges, so I did make memos for them.-)

Later, when I and friends came out the restaurant with satisfaction brought by great dishes there, a man came up to me. He was one of the people I gave notes earlier. He told me a fantastic news.

“You know, I already placed my order. the bike. It’s for my kid.”

I forgot to ask his name, but got his permission to put above photo here. He’s the one made my day.

On my way back to station, countless of people still asked me about A-bike…. Brick Lane seems to me a BIG potential market for A-bike. If you are an A-bike owner, go there with your bike. You’ll see it straight away.

Today, a couple of people said to me “it’s your company, yeah?”
I said “No.”-)

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