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Becoming famous

Monday, December 17th, 2007

About one month ago, our HK friend Amuro introduced an interesting site to me. When I visited the site(a fake sales site), I had to shout “Thank you!!” because they were trying to make me and my friends famous with our photos. We owed to you, the fake guys!!

What I’ve done

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

A-bike Stunt
Click on picture to play the YouTube video.

A model for A-bike

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

There is a model for A-bike in KR. As writing a new post, this people made a joke, “Look at my picture! How beautiful !! I want to be an A-bike model !!!”. That was the big mistake because the other members agreed readily.

In fact, we were surprised two times. First, the joke asked for trouble. Second, the fresh model was not a girl !! We believed that Lynna is a girl and maybe she is beautiful like her nickname until we looked at the picture.

This is the model for A-bike, Lynna.

(Lynna has a custom-built bag for A-bike but more expensive than his A-bike.)

Registering A-bike in Community

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

In AbikeCafe(KR), if a registered member buys A-bike then he uploads a photo of his A-bike including its serial number in his own style. A member Hyun-Hak(ID: HaGi) uploaded this photo.(His photoshop skill seems good.)

Story of Brother TNT

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Birth of A-bike was a great blessing to many enthusiasts all over the world. Though we can hear some concerns about its durability, if you meet one of fans then you will be a fresh A-biker next week. In my country, the story of A-bike had begun from a cool guy named ‘Brother TNT’. He had been waiting for the launch for 2 years like so many Sir Clive. During the waiting time, his online game company met the bankruptcy furthermore the launching date of A-bike was often delayed. Everything did not turn out as he wished.

At last, 26th Aug. 2006, Brother TNT received his own A-bike for the first time among us.

You can feel his deep emotion through this photo(click to enlarge). Please feel free to see. He is not a special force from North Korea and as you know, they become more kindly nowadays.

Anyway, His biggest contribution to A-bike is to make the AbikeCafe(KR).

There is a happy off-line meeting for A-bike owners in KR on every first sunday a month. What do they do? Riding~ Drinking~ Riding~ Drinking~

I have a plan to upload the news of AbikeCafe(KR) here.

Gifts : Everybody can use all photos uploaded by me on every purpose except for selling clones.Click each photo to see a large photo or Click here to see the list including all photos on Frappr.