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A-bike in Currys.

Friday, June 29th, 2007

A-bike made its debut to London’s high street at Selfridge’s department store and Hamleys toy store sometime ago. These venues provided A-bike to have good amount of exposures to shoppers who had never heard of the fantastic bike before. The downside of these bigshot stores is their premium price tag. It’s £10 to £30 more than the A-bike distributer, Mayhem UK. And now, another bigshot joins the club. It’s UK’s major electrical appliance retailer Currys (and Currys digital). Surprisingly, they don’t ask for the premium. It sounds a good deal. Well, at least from consumer’s point of view.

If you look at Currys online shop, it says we cannot reserve and collect at your local store, and A-bike is only available for home deliverly. However, some Currys stores actually do have stock in store. I heard a report from a Japanese girl bought her A-bike at Currys (digital) near Bank tube station. So, why don’t you give a call to Currys branch near you to find out? You might get lucky and be able to bring one back home on the day, who knows? (Oh, don’t forget to buy shock-pump with meter.)

If you are ordering your A-bike online, by combinig those cashback services (e.g. quidco), you can get it even cheaper.

While real A-bike slowly spreading its market in UK, Asian fake counterparts never waste any moment. For example, A-Ride, one of the biggest players in chinese fake A-bike market, manages to infiltrate Japanese Amazon before real one does.(see above pic.) By the way, In the photograph in the amazon dipicting a pair with A-Rides in a train (pic below), can you see the girl is carrying the bike naked? Um…. It’s not allowed in Japan. Over there, folding bike has to be carried in a bag when the rider takes public transport with it. The boy’s doing alright in that sense. (I’m not sure about the thing in his bag though.)

Not sure about authenticity of the A-bike your saw in online shops and eBay listings? Ask in A-bike Central Forum. A-bike owners from all over the world will help you to figure it out!!

Angel-House Party for Strida owners

Monday, June 25th, 2007

There was a Strida owners’ meeting in KR on 23rd June 2007. About 60 Stridas and 3 A-bikes were there. We ran 25km at average speed of 17km/h. To follow Stridas, I had to pedal madly. That was agony to me.

After the group riding, Angel-House Party began !!  A beautiful Strider, Ms. Angel thankfully invited me to her house. We were very happy together ;)

  1. YouTube video (Click below picture to see the memorial video)
  2. Photo collection (click below picture to see all photos)

Seoul get-together for A-bike owners

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

There was a get-together for A-bike owners in Seoul, KR on 17th June 2007. At the day, two A-bike racers participated in the 3rd Seoul bicycle rally and overtook many MTBs on an uphill road.

  1. Youtube video (click below picture to see a video)
  2. Photo collection (click below picture to see all photos)

A-Bike programme on TV tonight!

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

badger.jpgWow, that was interesting! One of those incredibly serendipitous events. Firstly I rarely watch television at all, and secondly it was an obscure television programme on an obscure channel, neither of which I’d heard of before!

I was in the kitchen and just happened to turn the television on. As usual there was nothing interesting so I decided to flip through a few channels on this new digital TV box, and suddenly found myself looking at an A-Bike Smile The programme turned out not to be about A-Bike itself, but was in fact far more interesting than that.

The programme was called “Badger or Bust” and it was on Sky Three (Sky 3) at 8pm-9pm. I was very lucky, I only missed about the first 10 minutes.

Basically, it’s one of those increasingly common reality TV programmes. This one seems to be about a management consultant (or just sales consultant?) named Ruth Badger, and her attempts to save failing companies. In this episode she was at Mayhem UK, distributors of the A-Bike.

The programme was set in November/December 2006 with the company in a very precarious state. At the start they’d apprantly only sold a few hundred A-Bikes in total since the launch and were deeply in debt! This was described as due to a dithering boss and a clueless sales team. I wouldn’t like to comment myself on that description except to say that they were very friendly and helpful when I visited them.

Ruth Badger managed to instill some changes and motivate the sales, so that they met their target of 5000 bikes by Christmas, and they got into several new shops including Hamleys and obtained a distributor in Eastern Europe. They met their deadlines for bank repayments and the company was saved. I’m sure that’s a slightly simplified version of the story for TV, but I really enjoyed it and even learned a few things about sales that I will try to implement in my own companies. I’ll even try to watch the programme again next week Smile

Unfortunately I couldn’t find any past episodes on YouTube, which means it’s unlikely we’ll find this one uploaded, but if anyone else saw it, please let us have your impressions. There’s a topic about it in the forum.
Here’s a couple of links I found about the programme:

It looks like the programme might be repeated tonight on Sky 1 at 11:25pm, although I think that’s subscription only. A-Bike fans please watch out for it!

A-bike on BBC Radio 2 tonight!

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I was driving home tonight, and just after 6pm I heard Chris Evans on Radio 2 talking about the A-bike!

They were very complimentary about it (and Sir Clive Sinclair) and were running a competition to swap the A-bike with an item from a listener.

It was great to hear national exposure – you can hear more by visiting this link although the interface is a little difficult to use. They mention the “fold-up bike” right at the start of the show, but it is about an hour in that they talk about it more.

Google reveals biggest A-Bike hotspots.

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

According to official Google data, the top 3 cities for A-Bike related searches are Osaka, Tokyo and London. The top 3 regions are Japan, Taiwan and UK. This does seem to match well with the membership of the A-Bike Central forum. I’m sure it also has something to do with the fact that the average modern Asian city is a far less pleasant place to drive a car than even us Europeans are used to ;-) The notoriously car loving Americans aren’t doing too badly in 6th place.

Here is the full top 10 list of regions:

1.     Japan
2.     Taiwan
3.     United Kingdom
4.     China
5.     Spain
6.     United States
7.     Finland
8.     Ukraine
9.     Norway
10.    South Africa

Another A-bike retail opportunity!

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

While searching for something to spend my Nectar points on, I came across this link for an A-bike on the Nectar web site.

I notice that it kindly includes the pump for 51,500 points. Depending on how you collect your points (for example 2 points per £1 spent, or 1 point per litre of fuel) it’s still an expensive way to acquire an A-bike but it’s good to see the exposure for our beloved contraption!