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Improvement: Wishes for 2015 for all A-Bike manufacturers

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Improvement: Wishes for 2015 for all A-Bike manufacturers

Postby Crislobin on Wed Dec 31, 2014 7:30 pm

Dear all A-Bike users, and A-Bike manufacturers.

Happy New 2015 !!

As a A-Bike user, starting 2009 with a 6" copy, and today riding a 8" copy. I have the following wishes, for the A-Bike manufacturers for 2015:

Pls., avoid to be a product killer! Lot's of newbies buy once, and never again.

1.- Still to improve the telescope tube clamps. No cut, into the extreme of the aluminium telescope tubes pls. Extend the clamp, to embrace the upper telescope tube, as suggested in a prior post.

2.- Increase the thickness, of the rear lower telescope tube, to at least 3 mm pls.

3.- Use a branded 12 teeth freewheel pls.

4.- Use new ball bearings, and not used ones pls. And use a separator, for the bearings in the front wheel.

5.- Use good quality solid rubber for the wheels pls. Might be, an all plastic wheel, has no problem on the unbonded interface, between metal and solid rubber. Picture, of a sample wheel, attached.

That is the most important.

Thanks Cris from Chile
all-plastic-scooter-wheel.png (145.34 KiB) Viewed 6637 times
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