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PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 6:23 am
by newcross
Weakling wrote:Some kind of script gets activated when I clicked on that link you provided. Asking me to log in.

what was that all about. I failed to take a copy of the text. it says and unauthorized access prohibited.

The thread is protected from writing in it by that pop up. So you have to change a direct link to one of the thing. Not sure whom so hope you get it.

I have to go to bed now.

00.17 in very early morining here. Night

Problem sorted. It was the direct link to a image of Bontrager TT Seatpost I pasted onto my post trrigered the pop-up. I edited out the image.

Thank you for letting me know! :D

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 8:46 am
by Weakling

Thanks, Just wow, what a great thing they did there.
Helps a lot I guess but also cost a lot.

I had too little time but the short time me had to test ride
A-bike last Sunday was rather fun. Do I remember correctly
that if doesn't roll as easy as more big wheeled bikes?

Even my 12" SmartBike and Microbike also 12" rolls more easy?

Or is that subjective. When I sat up on it and kicked away to gain speed
if felt like it did resist rolling while on the other bikes they rolled easily?

Sad me is so incredibly lazy, I have to make the Kickrollator thing before winter comes back to know if it is more practical than using small bikes.

In theory the kickrollator should be more practical for my purposes.

Going from door at home kicking it down to nearest Bus Station and then to sit on it in the crowded Bus and when one arrive wait for the commuting train sitting on it and sitting on it in train also with all seats occupide usally and then in Big Town at Central Station one are allowed everywhere with a rollator and the Kickrollator has three modes. Kickbike, Rollator or Folded. As a Rollator it is allowed even in Church and as a Kickbike it is allowed to be kicked at SideWalks so safe from heavy traffic and the only drawback is speed and how much muscle one need to get up hills. bikes having gears demands less musclepower for a certain speed while kicking takes double effort cause you stand on one leg while kicking with the other. Bike riding you do a smoother change with left leg right leg left leg ... Less load on the muscles that way. I get the heart pumping much faster on the kickbike. which is good for exercise of heart.

But a bit of sweat :)

I have to invent this Light weight Four Wheeled Foldable Double Kickbike Rollator. Shorted to KickRollator in my fantasy.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 22, 2008 5:33 pm
by Amuro Lee
Weakling wrote:When I sat up on it and kicked away to gain speed if felt like it did resist rolling while on the other bikes they rolled easily?

Make sure the tyres of A-bike are inflated up to 90psi before riding it. I think you'll have a different feeling after the tyres of A-bike are inflated up to the correct tyre pressure.