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Re: lubrication

Postby Job on Sat Jul 31, 2010 9:53 pm

I asked the a-bike support here in the Netherlands, who in turn asked their English colleagues.
Their answer:
Silicone wax spray can be used. Use should be kept to a minimum to reduce any chemical weakening of the plastic parts, only spray the wax where it is required masking of other areas. It should not be necessary and as such we do not advise it's use. Although the steering may initial feel heavy when compared with a 'normal' bike it is still possible to control the bicycle effectively and safely.

This doesn't help me too much, since the lubricant they suggest also weakens the plastics (by their own saying)...
Also i haven't found any "silicon wax spray" yet. Does anyone know this stuff?

So it seems you can either be lucky and have a sweet steering a-bike, be relatively lucky and have initial stiff steering that within a week loosens up, or be unlucky and have permanent stiff steering.

The cause seems to be production discrepancies, which are now improved with the 2010 model, thus solving the stiff steering problem (according to the info about the 2010 model).

I was in the last category (permanent stiff steering), but got an opportunity to upgrade to the new 2010 model, which i gladly took!

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Re: lubrication

Postby Rickywkc at Hongkong on Sun May 12, 2013 4:03 am

I spent a week to read and practice all the possible ways.
By using silicone spray for Ploymer Lube or some other lubricants, the problem could be solved for short time but not last so long.

As remember my mum always used candle to wax the zipper for new clothes to make zipper movement smoother. So I took out the B part and tried to scratch a candle directly into the B C & D bearing. Mainly scratch into the turning surfaces of bearing. To make the candle wax thick enough, maybe less than 0.3mm, its as a media between bearings.

The problem has solved in this "cheap" way!

Hope this helps!
Rickywkc at Hongkong


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