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Blade Runner.

(These people were really fast. No match for A-bike.)

April 13 2008. That’s the day for London Marathon, once again!! One year on since the last one, I was riding A-bike then and Yes, I’m still on the very same bike. Some of my colleagues, whom I only get to see around this time of the year, noticed my A-bike and went “Hey, I do remember the bike! You ARE still riding!?” I took it as a compliment. hahaha.

London marathon runner
(Elite runners were very fast. No match for A…… never mind.)

I was at 35km point near Shadwell. Current closure of East London Line and alot of road blocks make the location less accessible, but with A-bike, no problem getting there from Media Center right next to Tower Bridge. Fold the A-bike, then going through crowd is also a piece of cake. A photographer saw my bike and told his mate, “Have you seen that one? That’s great thing. You can bring it to everywhere!!”. He certainly got a point there.

(Gorilla… maybe a good match. I love this fun bit of London Marathon.)

Tower Bridge

Around 3PM, My A-bike had a treat of having Tower Bridge all for himself (well, almost)!! It’s a real joy to ride there without traffic. If you’ve ridden on there before, you know what I’m talking about. Usually the bridge is so busy and many buses on such a narrow road. On top of that, side of the road has recessed surface caused by traffic over the years. Do not ride A-bike there unless it’s a special occasion like today. The recess traps the small tyre of A-bike and makes it almost uncontrollable. It’s really dangerous road especially for A-bike!! I cannot stress this enough!!

Once you are out of the main road and go for the pedestrian, it’s nice and easy with a great view of Themes, though.

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