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Missing link…

Last sunday (29th April 2007), I felt something wrong with my A-bike after riding about 3miles. I know I got Cane Creek Thudbuster, but it felt as if the bike has an extra mulfunctioned suspension and rear tyre slides while pedaling.

Who want to believe my bike is broken? so I convinced myself that I’m imagining things and just kept riding.(yeah, bad move.)

Then I casually examined my bike when I reached Hyde Park (see here), but I was carried away talking to my sister and failed to find out the cause. It was only when I was folding my bike in front of a cafe, I saw something I didn’t want to see…


Hey fellow A-bike owners, if you have ever disassembled your A-bike’s gear-box, I recommend you to put a bit of thread lock (e.g. LOCKLITE) to the screw there, unless you are a sinclair collector and not a A-bike rider.

I e-mailed to Mayhem UK Ltd. on that night, then I got a generous and swift reply from them next morning. Impressive!!

The replacement parts haven’t reached me yet, but meanwhile I took the needed parts from my girlfriend’s A-bike to fix mine. haha. (she doesn’t ride A-bike often.)

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